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Travel: Two days in the Rocky Mountains

On account of some last minute changes we had an opportunity to spend a little longer in the Rocky Mountains than we originally planned for. It was a nice surprise given the situation but ironically with the combination of a few different factors the prices of accommodations in the area were a sizable portion higher than would general be the case. We opted to stay in Calgary and drive down each morning to Banff National Park before returning to rest for the evening. Honestly, I believe it ended up being a great decision as the drive into the mountains and the return home can be a humbling experience in and of itself. There are no shortages of  breathtaking views and the endless hills leading to mountains lined with autumn colors never gets old.

So we spent two days taking in some of the beautiful sights and winding roads. As excited as I was for this experience I mostly kept my camera at my side and didn’t play photographer or artist, instead just being a tourist. There’s not really much of a story or artistic merit to these shots but they are good memories all the same.

I love the landscapes I can see here in Japan but at times there’s no substitute of an early morning drive into the Rocky Mountains on a crisp autumn day.

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