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Still Moments

I was asked to do something I never though I would have to do in my photography career.  I was given a plane ticket and requested to accompany my mother down to Sejny, Poland to photographer my grandfather’s funeral for my father who was unable to make it out there himself. It was initially an incredibly paralyzing feeling on several different levels, let alone the weight of the responsibility. It was not something I had wanted to do, the idea of photographing something as delicate as someones passing, let alone a member of the family seemed like a heavy burden. It was something however that I knew I could not turn down and at the same time something that would push me to take a big step forward in many regards as a photographer.

It became very much an event that changed my direction for good. We as photographers seize many opportunities to capture creation, happiness and good memories for those around us. It took some time to realize the power the tools we work with and the memories we capture can hold. A funeral is a difficult time, but being able to help share that very important step within a journey with those that couldn’t be there can truly be something you can’t attach a price to.

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