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Q&A – What’s next?


This is one of those entries that has been a long time coming and most notably delayed no less due to a lack of a starting point. It does not have an easy point of reference that allows me to pin my faults and successes to as it has become an incredibly deep issue, one for which I lack any answers for the past number of months, and likely for a few more to follow.

That alone carries a particular weight to it, one reminiscent of a plateau but I feel as though it is not something so easily overcome (and even then, rarely are they ever particularly easy to surmount). Still, the weight of that thought has paralyzed me a lot more than I’d generally care to admit but to put it as best as I can, a storm is brewing, one that will likely change the landscape of my approach.

At the basic core of it the way of thinking and goals behind my photography prior to me departing Canada have become something I no longer resonate with and furthermore something that I hold no passion over. At the time, I came here with the intention of showcasing parts of Japan that inspired me and while there are still many that do so I feel as though it is no longer my place to display this.


I struggled with that question for a while and there’s a lot to write about once I can clear my thoughts but at the core of it I have come to meet a divide between my Canadian life and my Japanese life. The more time I spend here the greater that divide gets. To be completely upfront, I enjoy my life here and as much as it may pain some to hear me say, I don’t miss my life in Canada. There are a lot of reasons for that and there’s much to speak about in that regard, however that is not for tonight.  I need to spend more time looking at these things with a critical and judging eye in hopes that I can begin to push forward towards a body of work that has forethought, depth, and life.

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