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Portraits of Ryoma

Ryoma View Size-3Ryoma View Size-14Ryoma View Size-17Ryoma Full Size-20Ryoma Full Size-34Ryoma Full Size-35I did a small project recently for a friend, one jumping into the world of voice acting in Japan. He wanted to put together a number of shots for his portfolio and had enjoyed a past location I had used around Shibuya for an earlier shoot so one afternoon we set out and put together a few quick images. I honestly don’t have as many portrait sessions as I would like for now, simply due to a combination of factors but I aim to change that in the future. There’s no shortage of amazing and interesting people running around Tokyo and it’s been one of my goals to spend time with some and be able to capture slices of them and their personalities. If all goes well there will be more opportunities in the future.


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