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Notes and a Smoke With Ravi

I’ve been working on a number of commercial projects recently aimed at stock photography. I started developing a new portfolio and body of work for sale a number of months ago after having a meeting with Getty Images and their Harajuku office here in Tokyo. To say that it’s been an interesting challenge would be a vast understatement. However, given the opportunity I’ve taken the ball and ran with it to help not only refine the way I approach photo projects but expand my skills with a camera and story telling elements. I never thought I’d be involved in stock, certainly not in Japan but I am really starting to appreciate and enjoy it. Having the chance to put my own spin on it has been refreshing and I will be continuing to do my best into the future. Here’s hoping for some success.

As for the images, this is a series I did with Ravi, although rather last minute it’s one that was fun to explore. We both grew an interest in Midori journals and having the chance to use it as a prop or theme has helped to shoot towards traveler-esque images. This particular set is not so much in that regard but we couldn’t but help use the journal anyways.


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