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Portrait – Testing new gear with Aya

Continuing on a little bit in regards to the Sony A7 and Zeiss glass I decided to spend some time testing it out the combination in a more studio-esque environment.  Luckily I have some nice window light that comes into my room and have recently had a number of opportunities to put it to work. I’ve also picked up a number of LED light panels in conjunction with this to be able to add some light both when on the go but for studio/film/video work. In the past I’ve used strobes and speedlites but more and more I’m keeping a distance from those implements and moving to LED panels both for the convenience and ease of use but the ability to transfer it to a number of different applications.

The camera and lens combination proved to be wonderful to work with. I was really happy with the results the 50mm Zeiss lens delivered when mounted on the M6 and the charm of the lens transfers over quite easily when mounted on the A7.

Here are a number of shots with Aya, someone who has been great to work with and willing to challenge some interesting subject matters, one of which has been crying on camera. I have to say that that itself was not easy to shoot, despite the shoot being planned in advance.


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