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Opinion: Fun with polaroids.

_DSC3486I suppose due to a great influence by some fellow talented photographers I’ve also tried to dip my feet in the polaroid waters. It seems the more time that goes on the more I want to explore with different mediums and constraints to my approach. Each tend to have their different challenges and each come with their own set of points of beauty. I’ve really been enjoying shooting film lately. The fact that it’s slowed me down and made me focus on getting a correctly exposed and composed image has been a great benefit to my digital approach and the fact that as more time goes on, the less I want to spend in front of a computer editing in Lightroom has really pushed me to put my pro body down and pick up a simple FE-2 with a 50mm f/1.4 . It’s been a ton of fun but it’s also inspired in part to pick up a polaroid camera, mind you not one of the fancy models you’ll find on Sandy’s site.

The Instax 210, cheap as mine may be, still delivers.

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