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Opinion – Unfinished Work

I’ve jumped into a number of personal projects lately and have been trying to keep them going strong. It’s different shooting with that sort of mentality as it pushes you to look at more than just the individual pictures but also keep a universal tone and style to the whole thing. Following that having a cohesive message to link it all together creates an interesting challenge that in general was never really a thing I delved particularly deeply when I first started to take photography more seriously.

At times some of it falls on the back burner and more still never makes it to the light of day. Ultimately though these sorts of ideas and projects build on each other and new ideas are born again from the remains of what was left behind. I’ve tried to invest time into keeping a journal of these things in hopes that some day I will come back to projects that for whatever reason may have not come to fruition.

It is entertaining to think that if anything I have downgraded my gear since a number of years ago, the only thing that has significantly changed is the approach to the photo, the thought and vision that was created before the shutter has even been pressed. That’s ultimately what has had the biggest effect.


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