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Opinion: On The Road Again

Last year didn’t see too much travel, at least not around Japan. It was a time to build and establish new ground. Moving to a new country with a different culture, despite it being one I was fairly familiar with, had its own set of challenges and barriers to overcome. Those aside, I was focused on getting to know the local areas, festivals and activities, and certainly around Tokyo there is no shortage of them. This year I am trying to put more effort into exploring the other corners of Japan. Despite me being here for over a year and a half I didn’t really get a chance to go down to Osaka until quite recently.  It helped to open my mind and see that there is quite a big difference between people and personalities, and quite a lot more to experience.

Tokyo life is incredibly enjoyable and comfortable, if not exhausting at times, however it is definitely a year to go out and explore a lot more.

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