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Opinion – Personal Focus

Over the past few months I’ve been giving my photography a bit of a think. In general I’ve gone out and shot a lot of content, exploring different streets and venues along with styles and subjects. There is a lot of good that can come of that if not at the very least being able to find your strengths and weaknesses along with personal preferences. At the same time though it also creates a wave of rather un focused content, which in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, certainly not if you’re looking for likes on Instagram or Facebook. Ultimately though that seems like a rather big waste of skill doesn’t it?

I have enjoyed being able to catalogue and document my life here up until this point and certainly that has not changed in the least but as with all things it’s time to grow a little and scratch deeper than just the surface. From here on out I will be more focused on putting together cohesive content with a story and theme rather than a mishmash of people and places. I also hope to move this towards a collection of informative content for those travelling to or wishing to learn about Japan in more detail. The core of this will still definitely be images and photographs but I hope to back it up with some knowledge.

One project I’ve been entertaining is putting together a collection focused on my neighbourhood. Having been spending the past month doing a lot of late night jogging and exploring I’ve come across some nooks and crannies that are worth photographing and talking about. The fun thing about a country like this is even the quiet and distant neighbourhoods have something unique and interesting to say.


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