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Opinion: Visiting Friends


Tokyo is an interesting city. Life is busy here and there is just no avoiding that. The pace of things here varies quite a bit from back home in Edmonton, Alberta and the way some of those common weekly events I was so used to back home come at a much different frequency here. There is no beating around the issue that as someone new to this country it takes some getting used to and while I’m certainly at that point now there were certainly some growing pains getting here.  Back in Canada it would not be uncommon to call someone up after work and propose going for a drink or grab a bite to eat. The time between the initial proposal and the actual meeting would generally range between minutes to a few hours. This was quite common and regular, certainly for me back home. People have busy lives in Canada of course but the degree with which people take up plans on a whim feels quite different.

As one can imagine it took some getting used to when messaging friends in Tokyo to grab a bite only to have to schedule things weeks in advance. Even to me it sounded incredibly strange while initially living here. Ten months in though and not only have I become incredibly used to and accepting of it but I’ve also learned how justified it often is. Like I said, life is busy here and these days mine is no exception. The idea of planning something even a day or two in advance has become near impossible.  I’ve fallen victim to the same life style, not that I’m complaining. Although perhaps excessive at times I particularly enjoy my busy life here. If I’m not working, I’m chasing after photos, studying or taking lessons. It’s tough living in Tokyo without holding high hopes and dreams. Exhausting as it may be it’s created a fire in me that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else, including for the times, short as they can be, that I get to spend with friends here.

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