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Opinions: I didn’t think I’d wind up here


Photography is art. We often set out to capture the world in front of us as we see it. People do it to an almost painfully meticulous degree with the aim of capturing things exactly as they see them with their eyes.

Reading a good book that’s well written will not only help us visualize the scene from words but bring us to be as if a part of it. Good writing brings about the mood and texture of a scene and pulls us inescapably into it. As of late I’ve been wanting to explore this both in photography and in the written world. I will not do something as absurd as think I have a talent for writing but it is certainly something that I think plays a roll in how I approach my photography. It is not entirely a full side of the coin but it seems to be growing more and more these days and like all tools in the toolbox it’s well worth the time to make sure it’s one that suits the job and works well. I certainly hope to be able to explore it more and more in the future but for now I resign my time for understanding it’s elements first.

Growing up and going through school I never had any sort of interest or inclination towards writing, let alone when it came to abstract writing that involved a great deal of analysis and understanding of the working world and matters of the heart. I hated analyzing poems in English class, as did a vast majority of people. I have no doubt even then the majority of that effort was greatly wasted. I lacked the interest and I lacked the tools to be able to crack open the shell and explore the messages and meanings laying within. As it stands now,  more than 13 years later I still feel I cannot approach the study of poetry with any degree of confidence. Be that as it may I have developed a great interest in doing so, mainly as a tool and force to better understand the methods of conveying feeling and emotion, something I ultimately wish to apply not only to my photography but my writing as well.

There is most certainly a beautiful taste to words that have had the effort of being careful chosen and sampled before being set down on paper. I think my grade 11 english teacher would be certainly happy to hear those words, even if it took so many years.

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