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My Private Tokyo – Into 2017

Well, 2017 has officially arrived. The previous year flew by a lot faster than I would have ever imagined despite a lot going on through out it. I had a chance to work towards a number of goals I set out at the start of the year and I can comfortably say I achieved a good dealĀ of them. Regrettably there are a few that didn’t get realized in the end but it’s a new year.

One particular regret, although it was one I planned for, was giving photography a back seat in my focus. Leading into 2016 I knew I had to for the time being dedicate my focus on other subjects. In step with that I had found myself more and more frustrated with my perspective and approach and didn’t feel that despite my efforts I was making any territorial gains. Rather than continually hammering against that wall I decided to just take a break and perhaps gain some perspective from other angles and experiences.

For a long time my photography circled around people and the lifestyles and character they held. It was always an opportunity to move me closer to my goals of living in Japan and now that I’m here it seems to have grown into a void I can’t quite fill. My desires have shifted but at the same time I can’t quite find that next ledge on my climb up the photography ladder. My interests of running a photography business at this point are rather non-existent. Instead I want to grow as an artist, someone with a perspective and message to share. More than anything I believe that limitation comes from a lack of deeper social interaction here and there’s only one individual to place the blame on for that.

The previous year saw me further step off to the side and focus more on time spent alone or working towards individual goals. While this type of focus has helped me reach those goals it feels as though it has been at a price. In stride, I’d like to turn it around this year and put myself in more social situations and interactions while picking up the camera once more. Winter however is not quite done and it still offers a lot of opportunities for self reflection and planning before the initial step is taken.

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