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日常生活バゲットStory – 高尾山


It’s been a while since we’ve had some baguettes up here. Despite the hectic pace of life and a general lack of focus on my part this project certainly still has life to it, even if I haven’t visited as much as I would have liked over the past while. It’s something I’m striving to change and drive some more creative juices in this general direction. To make a long story short, I’m not exactly here to make excuses but I’d like to take some space to put some of my thoughts on digital paper.

This is a project I really enjoy and at this point I’m trying to spend more time contemplating ways to give it an edge. Gimmicky is certainly not the approach I’m considering, instead I feel as though I have to look inward and refine my original approach to each chapter of this project, as well as make a much stronger effort to preparing a concrete plan and tone to individual shoots. Less and less time is actually being spent shooting and in its place the effort is being spent on planning concrete decisive steps. Personally I believe that’s something that will have an impact on how I move forward both in photography as well as story telling.

So, there is certainly more to come. We’re working together to make something with more facets and dimensions and hopefully even put together a fun little coffee table book in the end. I guess this project was never really all that serious from the get go but overtime it’s certainly evolving into something that deserves some heavy consideration. We have such a wide variety of landscapes and locations in front of us and a medium to tell a story, even if it may often be a rather silly one.

So, I know I get to say this far too often and it’s certainly starting to bug me as well but stay tuned, there’s stuff coming down the pipe in the (near) future. In the mean time enjoy this entry and definitely let me know if you have any feedback, criticisms or just general ideas and suggestions as to where you’d like to see this project go in the future. It’s always welcome.

As for me: Time and effort




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