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My Private Tokyo – Worlds Apart

I’ve really been enjoying picking up a camera and just heading out for walks lately. These days have been a little difficult in that it’s hard to find time for this but each time I do it’s incredibly rewarding to try and capture snippets of life in various corners of Tokyo. I have a few projects on my mind I want to execute and hopefully get a chance to do so in the future.

One aspect of life here in Tokyo is both the physical proximity of individuals and the emotional distance one can feel. Tokyo can be a particularly lonely place for those that choose to walk the path despite the fact it’s an incredible populated and dense corner of the world. ┬áIt’s not difficult to find groups and activities to be a part of but it’s also surprisingly easy to be among the cracks of the spaces between them. I suppose this is representative of any big city. People fall into their own personal spaces and the flow of daily life, especially in such busy places doesn’t leave much room for free time, especially for strangers.

Don’t be mistaken of course, I am not painting pictures of my experience here in this regard, but as a photographer it’s not hard to pick up on these things sometimes, especially with a lens pointed at people’s experiences.

Then again perhaps it’s just a romantic fantasy.


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