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My Private Tokyo – Wanderings


Tokyo is a sprawling labyrinth of endless side streets, many of which on the surface may appear to be quite ordinary (having spent some time here now) but more often than not have something of interests if you take the time to explore them. One thing I’ve enjoyed doing over the course of my time here, even when I originally had my 3 week trip back in November of 2011, has been going out for walks in random directions with no destination or plan, just a camera and some black and white film.  More and more this is becoming not only something that is borderline therapeutic but also a great opportunity to document some of the hidden pockets and charms of these neighbourhoods.

Up until now my focus has just been to enjoy and get some images of daily life but in the coming year I aim to spend more time in these places and capture them as a whole, rather than just small snippets or fragments. Black and white film has been my film of choice as from the start it adds an element of surrealism and fantasy. We don’t view the world in black and white with our own eyes so before the shutter is even pressed the reality you get to create with those photos has a sense of fantasy to it.

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