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My Private Tokyo – 海 – Sea


When I think about the calmness a sea colour like this invokes on me it starts to walk the border between addiction. Winter aside, I have a deep appreciation for the various seasons and their distinct flavours here in Japan. The whites and cherry blossom pinks that stains the river side roads of spring, the crimson reds and hunter greens that provide endless walls of contrast in autumn months, and of course the pastel painting of ending evenings appreciated from the windows of sleepy trains over Tama River. I try to drown myself in it all.

The sea though, a mystery that I can sit and enjoy for days on end. It washes ashore a calmness with its enchanting shades. One can sit at the edge of the shore, drowning out the rest of the world and the weight that goes with it being immersed in a relaxing serenade of waves.

I’ve spent a lot of afternoons and evenings setting out towards Katase-Enoshima station on Odakyu line in order to walk the seaside expanse towards Kamakura with my camera at my side. Most of those days I haven’t actually put that camera to good use, accepting instead the invitation for a calm and relaxing stroll. It will be a while yet before I can understand this area at the core of its charm and hopefully by then my ability will match the level needed to capture it.

Until then I’ll be out watching those waves.


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