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My Private Tokyo – The Neighbourhood Pt. 1

One particular project I wanted to start on recently was spending more time around my local neighbourhood, documenting some of the sites, be they everyday or bland, and putting it together to show a slice of daily life of where I live. I also see this as an opportunity to get out and explore the nooks and crannies hidden all over Japan, or at the very least hose around Tsurukawa. In part, I’ve found this interesting due to an influence of several factors. It has always been enjoyable to come across photos of such locations from the past and being able to look back and see how much has changed with the passage of time. Following that, having grown up in part in Europe I’ve always enjoyed the way limited space and long histories have created a convoluted environment often seemingly with no rhyme or reason. Although confusing it is always far more enjoyable than the grid patterns of modern Western cities.

I hope to continue this project over time though the goal of it is not to paint a fantasy of comfort and beauty but one of reality. My hope with this project is to be able to put a series together that showcases a slice of Japan of how I see it, perhaps not necessarily in the best of light but one that holds both beauty and fault.


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