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My Private Tokyo – 大勝軒 – Taishouken

Tsukemen. If you’re not familiar with this style of ramen it involves serving the noodles separately from the soup and is eaten by dipping the noodles in the broth and slurping them up. For me it has been a bit of a new comer as I didn’t even try ramen in this style outside of Japan except for a pricey instant ramen pack i picked up at the local T&T back in Edmonton. However, I must admit it was pretty darn good even then. The soup is generally more flavourful and served along side various ingredients that can range from the standard although delicious fare such as bamboo shoots, nori, corn and so on to the more adventurous choices which can even include blueberries (Ikemen King Kong in Ikebukuro). Certain places even offer the choice of adding some hot water to the soup once you finish your noodles which can then be finished like a regular soup dish.

This place is located in Machida and was recommended by a friend, noting that it was a popular choice in the area so me and a few friends decided to give it a go. I opted to go the spicy route and was not disappointed. The portions ended up being quite generous and the noodles themselves felt a lot heavier than normal, making sure all 3 of us were feeling really full by the end of the meal. One of the friends went with a bowl of tonkotsu ramen which ended up having a delicious garlic flavour to it, one that after trying a little myself guaranteed my return.

Tsukemen in general is still not on the top of my list but after trying a few popular places in town it’s starting to become a serious contender.

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