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My Private Tokyo – 久しぶりのSunset


I haven’t had a chance to visit Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills in a while. Life’s been busy and unfortunately my schedule has in general fallen out of sync with the sunset times in Japan. Recently however I’ve made some extra efforts to make it out there and the view, just as I remember it, is well worth the price of admission.

Sitting atop Tokyo and looking out at the utter vastness of it all can both be humbling and introspective. It gives you a chance to pause and not only see the progress you’ve made but also creates a space to look up and dream. Living within the city, as exciting and enjoyable as it is unfortunately blinds you from the stars. The lights and flash of it all has a tendency to make you forget to direct your gaze to the skies and aim beyond it all. This is in part why I like to make it up here every now and then, a room to sit between the two worlds: An exciting reality, and, a space for dreams.

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