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My Private Tokyo – In Search of Thinking Space

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The past few months have seen a lot of stress introduced into my daily life. This has mainly been a result of what 2014 will bring for me and it has put me in a position where life can go one way or another depending on a key decision, one I will find out the answer to this January. Needless to say it has been one of the greater challenges in my life and not without it’s fair share of pessimistic ideas pervading my head. Photography, while regularly a challenge and something that makes me think has also often been a way of escape and a tool to de-stress when used correctly.

The past month has given me some opportunities to step out and explore the simpler aspects of life that pave the way for some introversion and introspection, enjoying quiet sunsets. With my current working schedule I often end up missing the chance to see the sun over the horizon, also in part to it often being not so hard to find a clear view between home and work. Tokyo is endless at times and the best way to view the sun can be to find elevated spaces above the craziness of daily life.

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