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My Private Tokyo – A Day on Mt. Takao

Having lived in Tokyo for the past year and 5 months I’ve yet to take a trip out to Mt. Takao, a popular mountain climb that’s easily accessible and just on the western edge of the city. I took a hike up the mountain the other day with nothing but my new Leica. I wanted to test out the new camera and put it through its paces as well as finally conquer this climb (small as it may be).

During the weekends the walking trail can be quite crowded, mainly due to its easy access and convenient location but for a Tuesday it turned out to be quite comfortable and quiet and gave me a chance to easily enjoy the pace and beautiful weather. Overall, despite being seen as a fairly commonly suggested location to visit (which often is synonymous with tourist traps for me) it still ended up being quite a scenic and enjoyable experience. Aside from the main trail there’s a number of other options for getting up to the summit, one of which includes a ropeway. There’s a lot of food stalls to try out and a temple half way up the mountain which can be quite beautiful and enjoyable to explore.

Mt. Takao is definitely worth an excursion, especially as a day trip as it is not only quite cheap but scenic as well. Give it a shot if you’re around Tokyo and want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.


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