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My Private Tokyo – Fragments of Sakura Season

Perhaps one of the more famous side of Japan, one well known around the world is it’s pink and white stained spring, peppered with cherry blossoms in any direction you turn. This season was among my first to experience it in all it’s glory. I had visited Tokyo last year towards the start of May but by the the season had already passed Tokyo. I still got a taste of it when I travelled farther north during that trip but it was hardly something that could live up the the beauty of the full blown experience.

I spent a number of days running up and down the streets lining Meguro River, a popular place for many people for its endless rows of cherry blossoms that run along both sides of the stretch of the river. Its practically endless.  Rather than focus my efforts trying to visit various places around Tokyo I decided to exclusively spend almost all of my time here, in part due to a personal goal.

A number of years ago I had come across a picture, unbeknownst to me, a picture that was taken along the river. At the time I was still in my early stages of love of all things Japan and it became a symbol, a destination that represented the beauty of the country and season. I had set out to make it there one day, even if I didn’t even know where it was.

Cherry blossoms don’t last all that long, as such I spent a number of long days running up and down the streets of Meguro trying to capture through a street photographer’s eyes some of the beauty and appeal of the season. Here are a few fragments of those days.


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