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My Private Tokyo – Sagami Bay


Tokyo can certainly be a city with a lot of chaos. It’s a comfortable place to live to be sure but the pace of life here, despite becoming rather accustomed to it, can like all other places on earth be draining after a while. The pace of things can become all too familiar and require a step away to fade into a more comfortable speed.

To be perfectly fair there’s a lot of places one can easily step into, even at the heart of this concrete city to catch a breath and a short respite but the one that has conquered my heart has got to be the coast. I like to spend my sunny days walking the coast of Sagami Bay.

Once spring and summer role around I take every opportunity to take the 40 ish minute ride down to Katase-Enoshima station and walk along the coast towards Kamakura and Zushi. I’ve walked this distance any number of times now and it’s one that has never failed to put me into a happier mood. The endless drone of the waves hitting the shore, train crossings warning of the approaching coastline train, at times a relic of many days gone by, and the unabating sun. Mix in the the smell of the sea and despite Tokyo being a fairly short train ride away, the stress that seats into life may as well be on the other end of that cast sea.

If you visit Japan, I urge you to step outside of the big cities and spend a day by the coast. The pace of life comes in a significantly unique flavour.


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