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My Private Tokyo – Night Lights with Ryo


One aspect that I really enjoy while living here is some of the friends I’ve made and the international level on which they live. Certainly the time spent in Edmonton has helped for me to make those connections but people move on, of course, not with disdain for the city but ultimately it can be a small pond for certain goals. It is a wonderful place to grow up and raise a family, I can’t fault it that but at a younger age I’ve always felt it is not where my place in life was. It is a city for many people but not for everyone. A lot of talent goes through the city and I have had no shortage of friends who have build quite successful careers and invested a lot of time honing their skills their.

Along the way I got a chance to meet Ryo down there and through a number of coincidences we got to know each other. Every time he makes it back to Tokyo from L.A. where he’s currently chasing his own goals, we get a chance to meet up and shoot a little bit together, sometimes it’s quite focused and sometimes it’s on a whim on the way back from an izakaya or event. He has come to be known to me as a person with a incredible work ethic and drive and someone that will go far, working hard towards his vision. Being able to work together is always a pleasure.

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