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My Private Tokyo – A trip to Enoshima

Focusing on a few commercial related projects lately and on the same note using the opportunity to fine tune some travel and portrait photography. I’ll be spending some time continues a number of series like this over the course of the summer. It is a fun and challenging project. Here is a few shots of Ravi while taking a trip out to Enoshima in Kanagawa, Japan. It’s a wonderful spot to explore and melt away the daily stress that can build up while working in Tokyo.

Ravi - eno-1Ravi - eno-2Ravi - eno-3Ravi - eno-4Ravi - eno-5Ravi - eno-6Ravi - eno-7Ravi - eno-8Ravi - eno-9Ravi - eno-10Ravi - eno-11Ravi - eno-12Ravi - eno-13Ravi - eno-14

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