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My Private Tokyo – おやじ – Ramen Oyaji

Oyaji, located in Machida, as it turns out is a popular ramen restaurant just two stations over from where I live. I found out about it pretty early on but then lost track of it before finally making the treck with some local friends the other day.  I was looking forward to another miso ramen adventure and this one delivered on most fronts, thought not all.

The restaurant it self had a bit more of a somber atmosphere to it than the others I have dropped into lately. Of course, this isn’t a negative but it has helped to bring into contrast some of the differences between various locations. Even though our server was quite kind it felt a lot more as a place where people come to get a delicious ramen fix on their way through the area. It seemed to have lacked a certain atmosphere to it that made you realize the place had a cult following.

The soup itself turned out to be quite delicious It was surprisingly creamy and a bit on the sweet side. Furthermore, I was surprised at the large bowl that was served up, especially since I had payed somewhere around ¥750, quite a bit lower than most other places I’ve visited.  I really enjoyed the broth and before I knew it I had finished my bowl. Giving it some thought I felt like something was missing and after pondering it a little further I realized I really didn’t even notice the other ingredients.  That’s what struck me. The soup itself was fantastic but the toppings failed to make any impact on me.

It’s a little tough to call this one. Great broth and big portions for a low price but I think the toppings just had no presence. Perhaps it’s a little bittersweet but I still think I’d readily stop by again.

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