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My Private Tokyo – 無鉄砲 – Muteppo

Muteppo is a ramen restaurant that took me a few tries to finally get a chance to eat at. It is located a little ways away from my general beaten path here in Tokyo and as it so happens my first visit coincided with their day off. Part of my disappointment was alleviated when the friendly kitchen staff apologized for the inconvenience and urged me to return next time I had a chance.

I finally popped back in there this week and gave the Tonkotsu Chashuu Ramen a try. A lot of restaurants around here are quite interesting as the seating bar encircles the kitchen which is often in full view. It’s fun to watch your food getting prepared as well as the craft and technique behind it all. This one proved to be more interesting than usual as the soup was being prepared in a giant pot, overflowing and filled with pork bones to the brim. Our mood became a lot more somber as we watched one of the cooks pull out a fresh rack of ribs, snap it into 3 pieces and drop it into the pot all the while using a gigantic spoon to stir it all.

Suddenly we realized we were in for a serious bowl of ramen.

Watching the chefs prepare my dish made me naturally quite curious as to the flavours I was about to experience. When the bowl arrived shortly after I was genuinely surprised to find it didn’t have the natural pungency of tonkotsu ramen. Needless to say I was really taken by the overwhelming flavour, depth and thickness of the broth once I gave it a go.  The texture was quite thicker than what I was expecting but after watching them prepare other customers bowls it started to make a lot more sense.

I thoroughly enjoyed this place. From the friendly staff to the amazing ramen and I highly recommend checking it out if you’re in Tokyo, It’s just a few stops down from Shinjuku on the Seibuu Shinjuku line.

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