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My Private Tokyo – Megurogawa – 目黒川

My second time around with cherry blossoms in Japan saw me returning to the place I had spent most of 2013’s cherry blossom season, Meguro River. Year and year this place is becoming a more popular destination with its endless rows lining the river. In the past it has held a special significance for me and has come to be a place where I can spend the entire day enjoying the atmosphere, this year bringing with it some light breezes that transformed the place into a new experience. I spent most of the time with my Nikon FE-2 and rolls of Ektar 100. This year saw less focus on documenting the people and more in trying to catch some of the magic and atmosphere and just have a good time. The experiences I came across there were nothing short of dreamy and next year I have some high ambitions for what I aim to create with my camera.



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