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My Private Tokyo – Spring on the horizon


Winter in Japan is not too far off from ending. Originally about a year back I was incredibly excited to spend my time experiencing one side of Japan I had never really got a chance to fully experience, the coming of spring and to a much greater extent the blossoming of cherry blossoms all over Tokyo.  One year on that time is drawing closer again. Last year I spent the time running around Meguro River and trying to document not only the beauty of it all but the emotion and atmosphere involved with long days and evenings spent bellow the trees celebrating friendships and life’s renewals.

It’s hard to contain such excitement this year, even more so since I wasn’t originally anticipating having the opportunity to go through it all again. In quite simple terms all I can say is that sakura season in Japan is something else and worth experiencing first hand. The pictures I will take can’t possibly do it justice.  If you ever get a chance, come out here and take it all in.

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