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My Private Tokyo – Halloween in Shibuya

_JPN1692_JPN1698_JPN1697_JPN1705_JPN1709_JPN1714Halloween is an interesting time in western countries. Often times thought of as a children’s holiday there are also no shortage of adults and teenagers who use it as a great opportunity to dress up and enjoy a little night life outside the usual. Halloween in Japan on the other hand is not quite what it is in the west but it’s slowly gaining ground. People certainly don’t go around trick or treating but bit by bit people are taking advantage of the chance to dress up as their favorite character or pop culture reference and as you can imagine, the cross overs can be quite interesting and funny.

I on the other hand completely forgot it was halloween and coincidentally dropped by Shibuya on the 26th, the last weekend before the actual holiday. People were out in full force and there was no shortage of amazing outfits, cosplays and pop culture references. If I get an opportunity to be in Japan longer I plan on going out in full force next year. It was one heck on an experience.

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