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My Private Tokyo – Fresh Start

Long time no post!

As it so happens I am travelling abroad, more specifically I will be in Japan for the next number of months. I’ve finally found a chance to better understand the projects I hope to work on while here and I aim to start putting up some new content on here although with a slight twist.

Originally I had wanted this site to focus on what I do within photography but over time I’ve come to really appreciate not only being able to show off some of the work I shoot but also to discuss and speak about the content I love to photograph. Often it’s been at a bit of a distance to help keep it from being too personal but to put a long story short, I hope to suspend that train of thought for the next few months and share some of my more personal views as well as talk about documenting content, from daily life to personal projects, all the while still focusing on having photography play mostly the main role behind it all.

To make a long story short, I want to photograph and write about some of the aspects about this country that i genuinely appreciate, no matter how mundane of a subject it may seem at times. I will still be pushing out content about photo projects but I hope to also include personal everyday aspects of life here.

So, I hope i can help people appreciate some of the culture and mystery behind the contrasts of life around the world.

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