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My Private Tokyo – Energy in the air

A defining spring moment here in Japan is the coming of the cherry blossoms, an event celebrated among friends and colleagues a like. It has turned into an event I am completely enamoured with after my first true experience last year. During that time I wasn’t quite sure what to expect aside from people enjoying the time together under endless rows of blossoming trees.  On the surface, it very much is that, even though that alone doesn’t give it any sort of justice.  Striking more at the core is a very defining time of change and growth which is synonymous with a lot of other various celebrations and ceremonies with the coming of spring.  The combination of it all brings together a very fresh and exciting experience that brings people together, setting out from a cooler winter and into their new school lives, working lives or relationships.

Their is an energy in the air that is stirred with the blossoming flowers and cool spring winds and it is one that is unmatched any other time of year.  It is a time best enjoyed with your friends and colleagues, some delicious food, a beverage of choice in one hand and a camera in the other. For me it is all still a very new experience but I’m turning it into a ritual of sorts. It is a good time to go out and reflect on the past year, plan the next and catch endless number of people in the moment using my camera.

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