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My Private Tokyo: Endless


I’ve never really identified myself as someone who indulged in endless concrete jungles. While I certainly never wasted an opportunity to get out of the city back in Canada, even more so when the night arrived, bringing with it a sprawling lunar sea stained with dancing auroras, an intoxicating experience that i still long for now, I still never cursed my days encased in concrete, a view tangled in light poles, cables and street signs.

Tokyo is another experience though. The city lives and grows, it moves with the wind. It’s hard to describe such a lively place. I think the shear number of people, of movement and of lack of privacy and personal space can at times bring a certain quality of life to it that can also be endearing and intoxicating. Ironically though it can also be an incredibly cold and lonely place despite the fact you’re never really alone. It stretches, for endless distances, a feeling that you don’t think you can ever escape until you actually do. At times you forget what it feels like to be somewhere quiet, somewhere away from eyes and a cacophony of noise.

Of course, the funny thing is serenity is never all that inaccessible. All it takes is a ticket on any number of trains pulling out of Shinjuku or Tokyo station and some time and you can escape to somewhere that can afford some breathing room, even if to a small degree. One further enjoyable factor is that these gateways to personal space are also probably two of the most hectic, busy and downright convoluted places you will find in Tokyo (save for the morning rush on any number of JR and Tokyo Metro lines cutting through the city) as if to create a challenge to one’s freedom, a giant to take down before you are allotted your space.

The city is very much a romantically intoxicating poem and for all it’s rough and no-nonsense qualities it’s a place that will forever remain an incurable rose coloured infection.

Do yourself a favour when you find your way here and watch a clear sunset over the distant Mt. Fuji while you sit high above the towers of Tokyo.

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