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My Private Tokyo – Back in Ebisu


Earlier this November was the anniversary of my first trip to Japan. Back in 2011 I flew out from Vancouver and landed in Narita airport one late evening. This was my first trip to Japan and a very special and memorable one. I could not predict the effect it would have on me, despite my unabating interest in the country before hand. At the conclusion of the trip I knew I would be back, there was just no going back to Canada and not chasing after the happiness and interest I held in Japan.

On my first morning in Japan back in 2011 I had found my way to Ebisu, a corner or Tokyo, to meet up with a friend whom I had met back in Canada as she was visiting a mutual friend who’s family had hosted her for a home stay experience. This experience in Ebisu was coincidentally on the heels of an Event called Eternal Lights, an illumination ceremony for an incredibly beautiful, gigantic chandelier that sits in Ebisu Garden Place. Not only had the evening been a very special experience, especially as a first, in Japan but it helped me cross paths with a lot of people who would later become a backbone to the relationships I built here.

As such Ebisu Garden Place, especially around November remained a rather beautiful and nostalgic memory and I keep finding my way there time after time.

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