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My Private Tokyo – By the sea with Aya

aya-site-02462aya-site-side-02601I’ve been trying to spend a bit more of my photography time setting my sights on stock photography images during the time I’ve spent in Japan.

Prior to coming here I had hoped to make some advances into the wedding industry and while having the opportunity to put a few weddings here under my belt as well as being presented with more opportunities to continue this endeavor I’ve mainly made a soft exit from it altogether. It’s not entirely what I had imagined and hoped for it to be, and I can’t say my heart is in it any longer. It’s a different beast altogether here and while I certainly do miss the rush of capturing people’s personal and cherished moments I’ve decided to focus on other things.

One of those things has been investing more time in stock photography. Originally it was not something that I felt I had a knack for and I’ll still maintain that view. Having said that though, I’ve had a lot of fun taking my view of travel and daily life and being able to put a commercial spin on it all. It’s given me an opportunity to shoot the content I want and develop it from that focal point. In between my personal projects this year I hope to keep growing this portfolio and hopefully connect it to some of the more peculiar projects on the agenda.

In this particular case Aya and I stepped out along the coast, a place I often traverse though mostly with just my camera. We had a chance to enjoy the sun and get some shots in the process. Hopefully despite the unabating heat this summer we will have more opportunities to do some work together. It can certainly be a bit of a challenge to get out there and shoot in this kind of weather and still keep a clean look in the process. However, the lack of mosquitoes down hear by the ocean makes for a significantly more comfortable experience than back home in Canada.

In any case. I’ll be shooting more stock. I’ve noticed it has helped push me to create cleaner and more simple images.Let’s keep that going.


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