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My Private Tokyo – 日常生活バゲットSTORY

Tokyo is an interesting city. Despite there being a bakery and near every corner with absolutely no shortage of sweets, deserts and amazing pastries the general populace is still in particular thin shape. Be sure, of course, that the deserts here are not loaded and packed with sugar to any degree that they are in North America and perhaps that certainly plays some role in it. However the appreciable flavors you can come across seem to know no bounds. Everywhere you go you will find something new, something different to please the sense. You will find appreciations you never knew you had and you will find them time and time again. It is in that regard that I have learned that I do, despite my self doubt, have a degree of self control. After all,  had it not been the case I would have to be rolled into work by now.

Japan does simplicity well and the pastry chefs and bakers here refine the core elements to an angelic degree.

Chief among them, these simple baked goods is the understated baguette. Perhaps today we can help change that and build appreciation, something long overlooked.

Or at the least document the lives of those that understand this intimately.



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