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My Private Tokyo – Out shooting with Aya

Recently I’ve been focused on a lot of portraiture work with a number of friends and contacts I’ve come across in the past little while. To be perfectly honest I’m working on a number of different projects for a commercial portfolio and so I’ve been ¬†little less focused on travel over the past few months and more so aiming my lens at people in travel and daily life situations.

This series is with a friend of mine, Aya. We went out to Enoshima for fun and what came together was a series of simple shots near the end of the day. We got a chance to explore the rocky cliffs and even got stuck on one for a while as a big wave came in. Exciting and a little terrifying at the same time. Regardless it makes for one of my favorite spots for a sunset, especially when it’s not too cloudy and Mt. Fuji can be seen in the background.

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