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My Private Tokyo: Ame-Yoko – アメ横


Ameyoko is an interesting strip of a market. It’s one of the few places I wandered around when I originally came to visit Japan back in November of 2011, partially due to the fact that my main point of transit ended up being Ueno. My first night heading back home after a day of exploring the streets of Tokyo passed right by the popular street and I couldn’t help but feeling my way around it after seeing an endless flow of lights and people emanating from the entrance, across from Ueno Station.  It’s a place that also has an endless stream of tourists and shoppers enjoying an assortment of cheap goods, street food and a decently sized fish market with a variety of things from various corners of the ocean. Although I tend to avoid a lot of sea food, sushi and sashimi aside, it’s still an interesting sight each time I make my way there.

One of my ongoing projects is to document and capture a slice of the day that goes on there and I hope to do so in much greater detail in the near future. In the mean time I still grab a shot or two each time I pass through, that and a slice of pineapple on a stick.

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