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My Private Tokyo – Exploring Hakone

I took a trip down to Hakone not long ago. It’s a destination I love heading out to as not only is it a quiet and beautiful place that’s easily within reach of a day trip but it also generally means a chance to enjoy the various hot springs the area is known for. This particular destination is a little over an hour outside of Tokyo via Shinjuku station and the Odakyu Romance car, a special train that runs the trip at regular intervals.

A common day trip involved going up the mountain in an older mountain train to visit a number of destinations, a path that then continues and involves a cable car and a rather unique looking ship. This time around I hung out around town, enjoying the rivers edge and swinging by the various hotels and onsen. That in itself makes it a worth while trip but there’s many different things the town has to offer. If you’re in Tokyo and want to take a day trip, Hakone comes highly suggested.


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