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Memories: Aurora – October 2012

These are from a number of years ago. At the time it seemed like such a simple thing. Living in Canada you tend to take the aurora for granted sometimes. Even though it doesn’t appear all that often I got a chance to see it quite regularly many of the weekends leading up to my departure from Canada. This particular night a few Japanese friends and I jumped into a car and headed about 40 minutes out of the city in hopes of seeing the aurora, for them, it was the first time. We ended up being quite lucky and not only had a sky full of beautiful stars over us but the aurora dancing in the distance as well. What made this day rather unique for me though was that for the first time the aurora was pulsing, not unlike a heart beat. It’s difficult to really put into words that moment. It felt like the planet was alive. I hold on to that moment quite dearly now. Days like that also make me appreciate what I can do with my camera. It was good to not only capture that memory for myself but for my friends as well. I hope I can do so again in the future.
aurora 5aurora 1aurora 2aurora 3aurora 4aurora 6

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