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Portraits of Kanae

I met Kanae at a friends birthday party the other week. and quite quickly knew I wanted to take her portrait for the project I’m currently doing. It was pretty easy to spot that she’d do well in front of a camera and it turns out that intuition was right. ¬†We finally got a chance to meet up over the weekend and spent a bit of time shooting in the studio as well as taking a small venture through downtown before it became increasingly cold. It’s always fantastic to get a chance to meet new and interesting people on a regular basis and get to hear some of the stories those individuals bring forward. As an international student Kanae was certainly not without her fair share.

That’s always been an interest to me, being a part of the meshing of cultures and ideas between the many walks of life we have here. I hope to be able to capture some of that and one day bring it all together and tell the story behind all the paths that have crossed around the world, friendships that were made and new views on everyday life that were forged together.

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Susan - March 20, 2012 - 10:15 pm

These are beautiful!! Love them all!