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A Journey Forward

Following my trip to Poland and subsequent photography of my grandfather’s funeral I began to get the strong urge to set out again, alone, to the other side of the world with nothing but my camera in hand. It would have to be some place I had not yet been and the obvious choice for me was Japan. While i study the language to this day and have many good friends living on that side of the planet, over the years it has been a destination that has been elusive, time after time. I set out to capture what I had known and the many new experiences which were sure to greet me along the way. It would be a journey, on many levels.

There was a visual story I wanted to tell, however it was one I did not come to realize until I was flying back to Canada. I will be back again and soon. There is much more to tell and show.

This time, this is my private Tokyo.

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