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This is a shoot I actually did a while back, close to a year ago, but one I had not posted about until now. Originally my goal behind this was to set out and challenge myself to get images that felt a bit more intimate or personal and there were very people I had wanted to work with in order to grow on a personal level for such a project. Jenna is someone I had shot with many times before but above all a good friend. In the end the shoot ended up being quite influential and a great learning experience, one that i hope to elaborate more on in a future date.

One of the strong convictions i had leading up to this shoot was that if i were to shoot any shots with implied nudity it had to have class, innocence and atmosphere. For a model, this kind of offer likely isn’t rare what so ever, in fact quite the opposite. However, when you browse content like this on a local level you will generally find a lot of overly sexualized and often lacking in direction or taste. Now, when i say this it’s definitely not my intention to toot my own horn, in fact, like most people i judge my own content quite harshly. However, it was very much my intention not to dip my feet into these sorts of shoots until i felt i could produce something that had some body or soul behind it.

Capturing a persons portrait is a very interesting process to me. It is not hard to get a shot of someone but it is a different challenge entirely to be able to capture who they are within that shot.  Doing so when that person has nothing to hide behind in a sense and still being able to get that emotion and energy without being distracted by the physical elements is something on another level.  I don’t generally shoot these kinds of shots but i have a high level of respect for photographers that can consistently capture an individuals personality regardless of who they are or the circumstances surrounding the shoot.

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