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Jamaica: Grand Palladium

Earlier this month I took a trip down to Jamaica to photograph a wedding.   I was down there a number of days and used the opportunity to shoot some personal work a long the way. The majority of it I ended up shooting on 35mm film, again for the personal challenge. Unfortunately most of the time there I was limited to the resort area but it still made for some great chances to enjoy the local scenery and play with some elements we don’t usually get to see up here in Canada (like beaches!).

I never miss an opportunity to spend some quality time by the ocean. Growing up I never lived anywhere near one, certainly not in Alberta but after experiencing it for the first time in my life in Vancouver I quickly decided I needed to see it from many other corners of the world.  I’ve grown to really enjoy the chances I do get to not only see the ocean but photograph it and try to capture some of the atmosphere along the way.

These shots were taken in and around Grand Palladium Jamaica, once again shot all on film.

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