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Jagalchi Fish Market (자갈치시장) in Busan, South Korea

While in South Korea this past December and January I got a chance to take a trip down to Busan, the second largest metropolitan city in the country following Seoul. I spent the day exploring various areas but one particular one that caught my eye was Jagalchi Fish Market, located at the edge of Nanpo Port. It’s a little bit ironic to begin with as I eat very little sea food (in fact, pretty much only sushi and sashimi) but the sights and sounds of such a place are truly unique, especially to someone like myself who grew up in land locked Alberta, Canada.

I found it really interesting to walk up and down the aisles, marvelling at all the various fish and sea creatures, a lot of which was readily available to be prepared on the spot. If sea food is your thing and you find yourself on this side of the planet I highly recommend dropping by, more so as it’s seen as one of the popular tourist destinations in Busan. To be honest, for good reason no less.

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