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Lessons in Failing

I realize the blog title comes off as a little harsh. I’ve always maintained that there’s many lessons to be learned from making mistakes and as such it’s just a process of learning if you look over a particular time scale.  There are lessons to be learned, I have no doubt in that.  However, this particular post was meant to voice some things that have been on my mind the past 2 months.

Not long ago I took another trip to Asia. I spent some time in South Korea as well as Japan. The main reason for my travel was to visit my girlfriend, many friends and finally to see the sakura trees in Japan blooming.  That side of the trip was without question something I truly enjoyed and something that further helped change many sides of me, as travels often have a habit of doing.It doesn’t much matter where roads take you, you come home a different person than when you left.

The other side of it was of course the photography side of the trip.  I developed such an itch to pick up my camera and fly to the other side of the world ever since I returned from Japan last November.  I wanted to return and come across new experiences and people, new slices of culture and daily life. I wanted to take my perspective and capture it all over again like I did the previous trip.  However, it didn’t go as well as I had hoped.

Now, I won’t get into excuses because at this point they are nothing more than just that, excuses. I can sit here and blame countless number of sources for what I feel was my failing as a photographer but in the end it feels like it’s running away from failure instead of admitting to it, taking your lumps and finding a way beyond it.  It took me a while to realize that.  During that time, regrettably I didn’t pick up my camera and just go out and shoot. I took some time away from it all but luckily I’m back to enjoying what I’ve enjoyed for many years now, the everyday challenges to improve and express a vision on my take of the world.

I’m finally sitting down to put together some of the shots I took from my trip. I was hoping to be able to present both countries and cultures in a much more thorough manner but that will come in the near future, after some hard lessons.  More to come soon.

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