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An Edmonton Engagement Session with Jung Yeon And Song Kyu

I got a chance to do an engagement session with a wonderful couple by the name of Jong Yeon and Song Kyu over the weekend. To be honest I really don’t even need to write much here about the day and should probably just let the pictures speak for them selves. We had a lot of fun in a number of locations around the city and the recent Edmonton snowstorm we got two days before certainly didn’t get in the way of having some fun.  As you probably noticed, some formal attire was involved as well. It wasn’t strictly just an engagement session but also involved some pre wedding shots similar to what you would generally find on a wedding day. In the west we quite normally photograph the formal images on the wedding day itself, however around Asia those types of shots are regularly done in advance of the wedding day. So, in the end we had a little of both.

They’re set to get married in Korea next month and I wish both of them a very special day!

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Angie - May 21, 2012 - 11:25 pm

Wow, what great photos!! They’re gonna love having this to look back on. Remember when we were sexy models?? Love the one where she’s looking at him and their backs are to the wall.